Apple iPhone Battery Defect & Slow-Down SCAM!

A lawsuit is being built against Apple. Alleging that Apple deliberately caused iPhones to operate so slowly that customers were forced to replace them and buy new iPhones or other devices. The problem began when iPhones began shutting down suddenly and unexpectedly, even though battery levels were registering at more than 50 percent full, due to the batteries’ inability to handle high processing speeds. Initially, Apple offered to provide customers with new batteries for a limited number of iPhone models, the problem continued in other iPhone models as well. Rather than replacing the batteries in all the affected devices, however, Apple addressed a hardware problem with a software x: By modifying the iPhone’s operating system (iOS) to slow processing speeds as a means of prolonging battery life, the affected iPhones’ performance suffered dramatically, causing customers to replace them, most often with a newer model of iPhone.   This isn’t the first time Apple has tried to deny the existence of a problem while trading on that problem to sell more iPhones. Here, Apple’s software “solution” allowed it to avoid bearing the cost of replacing millions of iPhone batteries by slowing processing speeds enough to prevent sudden shutdowns (and thereby concealing the true nature and scope of the battery defect).Meanwhile, Apple profited from the sale of new iPhones that customers purchased (and continue to purchase) from Apple when customers become so frustrated with the poor performance of their current iPhones that they are compelled to buy new ones.  The lawsuit has just gotten underway and we continue to investigate the problem. If you own an iPhone that has slowed or shut down on a regular basis, please contact us and tell us about your experience by submitting the form below!

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