Zoll LifeVest: A Shocking History of Alleged Failures

Zoll Lifevest: A Shocking History of Alleged Failures

Zoll is under fire yet again, this time in a lawsuit where a defective LifeVest may have caused the death of one of its users.

The Zoll LifeVest has a troubling history of serious medical and ethical complaints dating back to its creation in 2001. Users reported inappropriate and/or unnecessary shocks, burning the skin, oozing a strange blue gel, false alarms, and more. Zoll rarely, if ever, offers reimbursement or medical assistance in these possibly extremely dangerous situations.

 Additionally, consumers are often pushed into using the product out of fear by reps or reimbursed doctors who are more concerned about profits than patient safety. This is especially concerning when noting that the LifeVest has been approved for children, and is often used by them, though Zoll has not manufactured a child size version.

Now, A grieving widow in Tennessee has alleged the death of her spouse was due to a manufacturing defect within the Zoll Lifevest, stating the LifeVest failed to deliver two lifesaving actions to her husband after going into cardiac arrest. 

According to her, the LifeVest failed to operate as designed by not sounding an alarm or administering shock treatments after detecting an abnormal rhythm in her husband’s heart.

Zoll examined the LifeVest and verified that the failure did indeed happen and was due to a defective battery connection, failing to sound an alarm or administer shock treatment – rendering it completely defective.

Zoll later repaired the LifeVest and distributed it to another individual who relies on it for life saving shock treatment as well, clearly lacking concern for the root of the problem. 

Were you or a loved one fitted for the Zoll LifeVest and it disappointed, harmed, or caused some other form of distress? Are you a healthcare worker familiar with the failings of said LifeVest? 

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